My organized and dedicated personality made me realize what I am good at. Since I was an elementary school student, I would plan and manage my time and use prioritization, scheduling and goal setting for all aspects of my life. I enjoyed creating my own calendars, in which I drew characters with to-do lists, and strived to achieve each task and goal I set.

I also really like to be efficient and focused to get things done productively for anything. Even for a little daily things. For example, I like walking fast because it can save me some time to do more things and as exercise to keep healthy.

Having an engineering background is very helpful for understanding technological aspects with a strong attention to detail, enabling me to review outputs from my team members at a coding level which maintains a high quality of projects. These skills are useful for communication between clients and developers; to arrive at a meeting point to build successful customer engagement, content planning, UX design, technical integration and more. I see my projects from the whole picture to small tasks, and I predict many possible scenarios that might occur before I make a decision to proceed with my projects smoothly and flexibly.

Work experiences of web project managements and directions:
COACH, NIKE, Harley-Davidson, discoverglo, Lucky Strike, web magazine KODE and CHANEL etc.